Products and Services

We offer products and services that help an enterprise directly and indirectly improve its bottom line through better management of tangible and intangible resources, revenue enhancement and cost containment.

Project AlternativesSM  

Designed for the executive who needs an intelligent, independent view of a mission-critical project and desires workable options that allow you to determine cost of ownership, speed to market, risk tolerance and profitability.  read more

Comprehensive Balance SheetSM  

View your enterprise in a new light.  Quantify ALL aspects of your enterprise which have value and impact  current and future performance giving you options to manage you may never have imagined. read more

Group/Division Comprehensive Balance SheetSM

 Our Comprehensive Balance Sheet technology applied at the Group/Division level.  Give your group/division a heads-up with new visibility and new options to seize both revenue and cost reduction opportunities.  read more

IT Balance SheetSM

Explaining the value of the Information Technology group, assets and constraints to Executive Management can be a challenging task at best. At worst,  it can be a steadily losing proposition.

Small-Business Valuator™  

Applying our Comprehensive Balance Sheet technology, we can help you quantify and explain the value of assets which may difficult to convey using typical valuation methods.  read more


Using portions of our Comprehensive Balance Sheet technology, our experienced staff quickly identify a short list of complimentary potential products and/or services for your consideration.  read more

Revenue Opportunity PlanningSM

Often, a breakthrough service or product requires a sequence of well executed steps which may not be familiar to those who have to execute.  With Revenue Opportunity Planning, let us develop a roadmap you can used to not only communicate the direction but, provide milestone markers to demonstrate successful execution and progress.  read more

Venture-Capital Enterprise ValuationSM

Startup and Early Phase enterprises are notoriously difficult to value. Using our Comprehensive Balance Sheet technology, we can assist in providing a new look at current and potential future valuation.  read more

Sales ROI EnhancerSM  

Overcome sales objections by permitting your prospects provide key input into your quote and being wowed by the bevy of benefits of going with you as a supplier.  Your prospects can literally, provide their own best case for using you as their primary supplier.  read more

Our Synthesis Division offers products and services that help an enterprise identify, address and resolve their most-complex, multidisciplinary challenges, both current and future.


Need specialized assistance to research a technical area, explore potential new revenue sources, identify potential obstacles or even implement a skunk works idea.  Our team can help.  read more


Combining our proprietary methodology with our world-class talent, we help you solve your most challenging and mission-critical challenges. From concept, to strategy and implementation, we have you covered.  read more


Expert problem definition assistance – defining the problem well is a first step to a positively remarkable solution.  read more

SynthesisPlusSM training: Executive, Gatekeeper (I, II), Bridge (I, II, III, IV), Synthesist (I, II, III)

Training developed for and to your unique requirements.  read more