The advent of the 21st century has brought with it many unique challenges presenting both risk and opportunity to individuals and organizations.

Within the increasingly complex, changing world which we live - addressing these challenges - minimizing risk and exploiting opportunities - can require a fresh, "out of the box" approach rather than formulaic solutions which may have worked in the past.

We believe that in today's global, multi-cultural and increasingly technologically complex world; elegant solutions to your company's most complex and pressing challenges require a creative, strategic approach which crosses organizational and specialty boundaries.

Who We Are

SynOvation Solutions is a responsive and highly experienced consulting group that offers creative solutions to a broad set of complex challenges facing our customers.  We are a boutique management consulting firm dedicated to making you successful particularly when the challenges are poorly defined and strategy for success is unclear.

Our Goals

SynOvation Solution’s founders, for over 20 years, have envisioned, developed and practiced the use of innovative and repeatable techniques to identify, define and resolve increasingly complex challenges which cross disciplinary and specialty boundaries.

Our Mission

SynOvation Solutions is a leading provider of guaranteed, creative solutions for organizations with problematic challenges. By applying state-of-the-art information collection, problem identification and solutions design, SynOvation Solutions strives to improve the lives of its customers, its employees, its stakeholders and the world in which we live.