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Bruce Tow

Bruce Tow, with extensive, cross-industry IT and systems experience, is one of the world's leading architects and designers of enterprise applications and applications-development technologies, having designed more than 100 such applications and multiple innovative applications-development technologies and associated methodologies. In addition, Mr. Tow is the founder and CEO of Synthesis Institute, a non-profit devoted to advancing the art and science of multi-disciplinary problem-solving.

What People Are Saying
“Bruce has a unique ability to translate a business need into a technical product design. In his distinguished career he has seen virtually every business problem and is able to repurpose designs that have worked well for others into a solution for the problem at hand. I heartily endorse Bruce. Give him your hardest problems.” Gary Kennedy – CEORemedyMD; former CEO, TenFold Corporation; former President, Oracle U.S.

"Bruce is a brilliant application architect with deep knowledge of multiple industries and an unmatched ability to rapidly absorb and make sense of complex projects, create innovative and effective approaches to solving them, and personally produce quality products. He is undaunted by any challenge and has the tenacity to wrestle even the most difficult problems to the ground (bringing good spirit and a great sense of humor while so doing)."  Nancy Harvey– former CEO, TenFold Corporation

"I have worked with Bruce closely as a colleague while in Oracle where I helped him on the database design of Oracle Financials and he helped me on the definition of the equally successful Computer Aided Engineering System (CASE) that I developed. At that time I was Senior Vice President working for Larry Ellison. Bruce has an excellent mind, is a very good problem solver, thinks strategically and is excellent at pragmatic top down design."  Richard Barker – former Senior Vice President, VERITAS Software (now Symantec); former Senior Vice President, Oracle
“Bruce has an incredible breadth of experience of real-world applications. Whenever we wanted to either test an idea or get input for design work, Bruce provided an inexhaustible supply of real examples and case studies of the things people did or wanted to do. He managed to break most of our designware before it became code - fantastic savings! Coupled with his ability to abstract and synthesize practical design solutions, I have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone with a real-world software application challenge.”Cliff Longman – CTO, Kalido; former CASE architect, Oracle

“Bruce is one of those unique individuals with both technical and business acumen, as well as the ability to develop long-lasting professional relationships with customers and colleagues. Bruce is one of the best software architects in the industry. He is an excellent listener with an amazing ability to distill large amounts of complex and detailed information into an easy understood format then solve the problem. Bruce is exciting to work with because he always has new and innovative ways to create solutions for customers that help their business.” Sally White – Vice President, TenFoldCorporation

“Bruce's technical knowledge is unparalleled, and his ability to relate to the needs of users is excellent. I would certainly recommend Bruce.” Alden Briscoe – Executive Vice President, Brakeley Briscoe Inc.; former Director, Applications at Oracle

Lois Tow

Ms. Tow has 14 years experience in operations management and consulting in both community and tertiary care hospitals. In that capacity, she has assisted clients in hiring and training senior management staff, developing policies and procedures, and creating business and marketing plans. Ms. Tow has also planned and implemented ancillary services, physician office services, and a physician referral service.

Ms. Tow has a B.A. from Dartmouth College and a Masters of Health Services Administration from Arizona State University.

David Gilliam

Mr. Gilliam has extensive domestic and international experience in IT development, Implementation, Operations, Quality and Audit, across numerous industries and business functions. In the course of his work, he has assisted some of the world's most successful companies attack thorny and often unique business problems utilizing interdisciplinary problem solving techniques. Mr. Gilliam is a graduate of the University of California at Berkeley and publishes and speaks sporadically.

What people are saying
“I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Dave for several years. He is an exceptional leader. Dave has the innate ability to develop, design, and implement practical solutions with challenging budgets & timelines. As a finance professional, I appreciated Dave’s sense of the big-picture & measured temperament, an uncanny ability to measure important vs. peripheral issues. Dave’s positive energy has always been one of his greatest assets. Above all, Dave has a high level of integrity & a strong work ethic; he is an extremely valuable asset to any organization that works with him.”  M. Still, Pleasanton, California “I had the opportunity of working with David on several large projects and was impressed by his depth of technical knowledge and ability to lead and motivate cross-cultural teams.  He worked extraordinarily well with my organization and others around the globe setting the standards for and leading key worldwide initiatives. He was formally recognized by our IT Executive for his program management efforts in this regard and I have no hesitation in recommending him.” H. Hayakawa, Tokyo, Japan

“I asked David to assist with a few projects which required him to ramp up to speed in a specialized technical area (telecommunications) very quickly. I can recall one short project where he needed to learn a thorny technical standard overnight.  He did and was able to converse intelligently with client technicians the next day. The remarkable thing was that at the end of the project, client management commented on the value-add of David’s contributions and asked if he could be brought back to work on another project.”  S. Sorensen, Indianapolis, Indiana

Dan Tow

Since joining Oracle in 1989, Dan has worked on performance and tuning. Through experience with solving generalized performance issues, he evolved his primary expertise in finding and fixing TopSQL, the highest-performance-impact SQL, where the best opportunities for tuning business applications usually lie. Dan primarily works as an independent consultant, under the banner www.singingsql.com. Since starting SingingSQL, he wrote SQL Tuning, a 336-page book published by O’Reilly (see Resources).

What people are saying
“Dan is an Extremely Inspirational and passionate worker, who meticulously focuses on detail, yet doesn't miss the big picture and gets the work done seamlessly.” Fahd Mirza, Senior Oracle Database Administrator, Advanced Engineering Research Organization

Michael Kran

Michael Kran specializes in group dynamics of computer projects ranging in size of 3 to 150 members.  Twenty-five years of experience that spans the intensity of venture-backed startups to the more political sensitive cross-functional teams found in Fortune 100 companies.  The approach is mindful of the overall project deliverable with a relentless focus on detail.  Areas of particular interest include a systems approach to needs analysis, innovation, enterprise deployment, and training strategies that reflect the nature way people communicate to each other in social networks.